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Museum Reimagined

Museum Reimagined


Programme: Museum Reimagined
Dates: 14 Oct 2022–20 Nov 2022
Language: Multiple (with Chinese and/or English subtitles)
"Museum Reimagined" Trailer
"Museum Reimagined" Trailer

About the Programme

‘Museum Reimagined’ celebrates the first anniversary of M+ as Hong Kong’s first museum of global visual culture in the broader context of international museum history. Complementing M+ opening exhibition The Dream of the Museum, this programme spotlights international artists and filmmakers whose work contributes to the appreciation and critique of museums as ever-evolving sites of cultural production.

Museums preserve the past to help us understand the present and speculate about the future. The works in this selection crystalises the processes of exhibition-making and interpretation and examine how gallery displays stage and fictionalise history. While museums can shape powerful narratives, individual artists also draw conceptual and formal inspirations from their microcosmic structures, aesthetic attributes, and the historical value of their collections.

Programme Highlights

The programme opens with 'Duchamp and Chess', paying homage to conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp. His passion for chess influenced his practice and informed his revolutionary approach to presenting his life’s work as miniature reproductions within a purpose-built box. Nicolas Philibert’s Louvre City portrays the museum’s humanity-filled core and its intriguing behind-the-scene activities. Alexander Sokurov’s Russian Ark is a theatrical meditation on history in the form of a continuous ninety-six-minute shot, while Clément Cogitore addresses similar themes in his autofiction, Bielutin–In the Garden of Time. Ruben Östlund’s The Square satirizes the bourgeois art world, skewering the pretensions of contemporary institutional critique. ‘Remembering/Forgetting: The Porous Nature of Memory’ and ‘Encountering Difference’ dive deeper into the critical discourse of museums, unveiling their power structures, ethical accountability, and responsibilities in knowledge production and preservation.