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108 Harmonics

Type: Performance, Tour, Workshop
Language: Cantonese, English
Audience: Everyone
Location: Various Locations
14 Jan 2024
17 Mar 2024

108 Harmonics

The programme ticket will include same-day access to General Admission exhibitions (excluding Special Exhibition). Please retain a copy of your ticket to facilitate your entry to the galleries.

‘108 Harmonics’ is a Singing Bowl Sound Collection Project developed by artist Tsang Man-tung and his team Allpamama that presents singing bowl sounds collected and reproduced with minimal music arrangement, showcasing the diverse tones of singing bowls of various types and from different years.

We invite you to embark on a calming journey through the resonating tones of the singing bowls in a series of programmes commissioned by M+ including self-guided meditation tours, live performances, and workshops. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sound of the singing bowl while exploring the harmonic resonances between sound and space within M+’s tranquil atmosphere. Experience being in the present and find inner peace through the engagement with art and the museum.

Learn more about the programmes in the section below.

108 Harmonics Programme

About the Artist

Tsang Man-tung is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice incorporates theatre, visual arts, music, and arts education. He has received numerous local and international awards for scenography, including the Award for Best Artist (Theatre) at the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards and the Silver Prize for Set Design at 2017 World Stage Design with the dance drama Storm Clouds. He is renowned for his conceptual and minimalist style, shown in his ritual theatre works The Light of Metempsychosis (2021) and Ashtanga (2023). In 2010, Tsang formed Allpamama, an organisation that integrates different artistic mediums forms through the practice of singing bowls to achieve a meditative state that maintains a balance between the body and its emotions. He released his first singing bowl album, The Seed of Sound: Singing Bowl, in 2018 and published a book about singing bowl, The Bowl of Enlightenment, in 2020.

Image at top: Photo: Tsang Man-tung