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Young People Meet-Up:
City Building as a Board Game

Artist: Yang Jing (Allison), Miki Ho Yin-Yi, Jing Wong and Zelia ZZ Tan
Type: Workshop
Language: Multiple
Audience: Young People
Location: Grand Stair

Young People Meet-Up:
City Building as a Board Game

This event is for participants ages 16 to 24.

To imagine a world is to build a world in our mind. What kind of city do you want to build?

Explore the impossible with worldbuilding. Defined as the process to constructing a fictional universe, worldbuilding is crucial to setting the stage in games, movies, and writings. Yet, it can be more than a virtual creation. Community-based worldbuilding provides us the opportunity to rethink the social and cultural realities we live in by seeking alternate remedies, answers, and inventions.

Join game masters from game design, performance, and arts and culture. Participants will, together, build a reimagined city using ‘One Hour Worldbuilders’, a worldbuilding toolbox designed by game designer and scholar Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough. Illustrator Miki Ho Yin-Yi will help visualize your fictional cities in a drawing session. Share your reimagined city with others around you and find out what elements overlap!

The series of written prompts to jumpstart the event is inspired by M+’s opening exhibition Hong Kong: Here and Beyond and designed by members of the M+ Young Collective.

About the Artists

Yang Jing (Allison) is a producer and narrative designer, and game exhibition curator. The Forgetter is her latest collaboration with dslcollection. She curated Game Site about game production in China in Tank Art Shanghai, and worked with Goethe-Institut in Hong Kong to launch game space community project Game Kitchen. Her two latest projects include narrative experience designed with motion capture and AR elements for choreographer Zelia Tan’s Hong Kong dance theatre Accelerating Dimension, with motion capture and AR elements and a survival game inspired by her childhood in former German Democratic Republic (GDR) and Northern China in the 1990s with Leipzig-based game studio RotxBlau.

Portrait of Allison Yang. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Miki Ho Yin-Yi is an artist based in Hong Kong. She collaborates with local independent press and NGOs like Tung Wah College, Caritas Hong Kong, Community Development Initiative, and Jockey Club Arts Make SENse Programme since 2015 with illustration, educational and community projects. Merging childlike imaginations with daily observations, she creates stories and explores the interaction between human communities, nature, and man-made spaces.

Portrait of Miki Ho Yin-Yi. Photo: Kiki Chong. © Kiki Chong

Jing Wong is an independent singer and songwriter based in Hong Kong. He joined People Mountain People Sea in 2010 and Frenzi Music in 2017. He has released six albums. His songs have appeared in films of Heiward Mak and award-winning film director Ann Hui. Wong recently created his devising theatre The Drifters at Hong Kong Cultural Centre. He’s currently a PhD student at City University of Hong Kong studying Immersive Interactive Storytelling.

Portrait of Jing Wong. Photo: Savia Chan. © Savia Chan

Zelia ZZ Tan is a cross-disciplinary dance artist based in Hong Kong. Her pioneering practice explores the combination of dance and  technology in Asia, creating virtual and hybrid performances with motion capture, AR, and beyond. Her recent work Accelerating Dimension was shown at the Phygital D Festival, which is a live mocap, interactive event commissioned by West Kowloon Cultural District.

Portrait of Zelia ZZ Tan. Photo: Lee Wai Leung. © Lee Wai Leung

About M+ Young People Meet-Up

The Young People Meet-Up series, designed and led by M+ Young Collective, encourages young people to explore and exchange their perspectives of the everyday through regular workshops, conversations, and talks.

The M+ Young Collective volunteer programme is supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong, which engages fifteen local tertiary students and recent graduates. They work closely with the M+ team and creative practitioners from various disciplines to develop, plan, and deliver public programmes.

About Game Atlas

Game Atlas: The Archeology of a World not Far-away is a six-day programme from 24 to 29 October 2022 that invites game designers from Asia and Europe to exchange and explore the power in producing contextualised content in games. It consists of a conference titled ‘Game Designer Lab’ from 24 to 27 October at Current Plans and online, M+ Game Night: Gaming with the Developers on 28 October, and M+’s Young People Meet-Up: City Building as a Board Game on 29 October.

Game Atlas is co-presented by Goethe-Institut Hongkong and M+, in collaboration with Current Plans and School of Creative Media and City University of Hong Kong, and co-curated by Yang Jing (Allison).

Image at top: Photo: Winnie Yeung@Visual Voices