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Sigg Prize 2023 Finalists in Conversation

Type: Talk
Language: English, Mandarin
Audience: Everyone
Location: Grand Stair

Sigg Prize 2023 Finalists in Conversation

How can we respond to the increasingly complex realities of daily life? The six finalists of the Sigg Prize 2023—Jes Fan, Miao Ying, Wang Tuo, Xie Nanxing, Trevor Yeung, and Yu Ji—probe the challenges of contemporary life through their art. Navigating the restlessness and unpredictability of our times, these artists explore the nuances of belonging, vulnerability, and resilience of recent years, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Established by M+, the Sigg Prize recognizes artists born or working in the Greater China region and its diasporas, based on their oeuvre over the past two years. The finalists are invited to present their works in the Sigg Prize exhibition at M+, and a winner will be selected by the jury based on the works displayed.

Join us to hear the six artists discuss their practices and upcoming presentations. They will be in dialogue with the exhibition curator, Isabella Tam along with assistant curator, Ariadne Long. This talk will be held in English and Mandarin, with simultaneous interpretation available in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Click on ‘Register’ to sign up for this free talk.

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