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‘Sonic Rescue Ropes’ Activation

Artist: Haegue Yang
Type: Artwork Activation
Language: Not Applicable
Audience: Everyone
Location: Lightwell

‘Sonic Rescue Ropes’ Activation

Watch and listen as trained facilitators activate Haegue Yang’s Sonic Rescue Ropes to produce sublime, resonating sounds that conjure shamanistic associations. Commissioned by M+ in 2021–2022, Sonic Rescue Ropes comprises four silvery cords of bells located in the museum’s Found Space, as well as five larger and more colourful cords hanging in the Lightwell, the soaring vertical space created via cutaways in the floorplates between the ground floor and the basement levels of the M+ building.

The first group of cords are activated by museum staff on a regular basis, at 12:00, 15:00, and 17:00, Tuesday through Sunday. Every Friday, starting at 16:15, all nine cords are activated in an experience that is part ceremony, part symphony, part playful interaction, as sound transforms the space of M+.

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Image at top: Haegue Yang. Sonic Rescue Ropes, 2022. Commissioned by M+, 2022. © Haegue Yang. Photo: Lok Cheng, M+, Hong Kong