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What Is Visual Culture?

Type: Talk
Language: Multiple
Audience: Everyone
9 Feb 2022

What Is Visual Culture?

What is visual culture? It is everything we see and much more. From ancient objects to contemporary works of art, the cityscape to urban spaces around us, everyday objects in our homes and offices, and the flood of visuals we encounter every day on screens, the world of visual culture spans across disciplines. It is all around us and informs how we see.

In this bi-monthly talk series, we invite artists, makers, designers, architects, filmmakers, curators, scholars, researchers, pop culture enthusiasts, museum professionals, and practitioners in the wider creative field to share their perspectives on visual culture, address key questions it raises, and explore its possibilities.

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Image at top: Martin Parr. Hong Kong (LON156562), 2013. Pigment print. M+, Hong Kong. © Martin Parr and Blindspot Gallery