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M+ at Night

Type: Performance, Screening, Talk, Tour, Workshop
Language: Cantonese, English
Audience: Everyone
Location: Various Locations

M+ at Night

This edition of 'M+ at Night' brings a Friday evening of creative activities from 18:00 to 01:00. Explore every corner of M+ with creators from across disciplines. Whether you’re a solo visitor or joining with a group of friends, take a wander through the museum at your own pace.

Complementing the free exhibition Hong Kong: Here and Beyond, this series of events takes you back to the golden era of Cantopop. At its peak in the 1980s, Cantopop became a transcultural phenomenon and fostered a period of rich visual identity stretching across the fields of design, fashion, and film. Experience the connection between visual culture, our everyday lives, and Cantopop through our 1980s-inspired workshops, music performance, and talks.

All activities are free, while some require pre-registration. Basement 1 and Ground Floor of the M+ building will stay open until midnight. We invite everyone to join us through the night and immerse yourself in a disco-inspired atmosphere with live DJ music. Learn more about the individual activities in the sections below.

Drop-in Activities

By-registration Activities

Food and Beverage

Makeup demonstration by HK Makeup Artist. Photo: Yann Guyot

Cutting, Overlapping, Rearranging workshop. Photo: Michelle Lee

Visitors observe the neon signs in Conserving Neon Culture at the CSF Gallery. Photo: Winnie Yeung@Visual Voices, M+, Hong Kong

Visitors in Hong Kong: Here and Beyond in the Main Hall Gallery. M+, Hong Kong

Alan Chan. Vinyl album cover for Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng, Legend of the Condor Heroes, 1983. M+, Hong Kong. Gift of Alan Chan, 2020. © Universal Music Ltd.

Wing Shya. CD album cover for Faye Wong, Faye Best, 1994. © Universal Music Ltd.

Nam June Paik. Wrap Around the World, 1988. Single-channel digital video (colour sound), duration: 47 mins. M+, Hong Kong. © Nam June Paik/EAI

Visual Identity created by Alan Chan

Tina Liu. Vinyl album cover for Deanie Ip, You Left Me Here, 1984. M+, Hong Kong. © Wing Hang Record Trading Co., Ltd; Alan Chan. Vinyl album cover for Leslie Cheung, Stand Up, 1985. M+, Hong Kong. Gift of Alan Chan, 2020. © Capital Artists Ltd.

Photo: CURATOR Creative Café at M+

About M+ Young Collective

The M+ Young Collective volunteer programme is supported by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong, which engages fifteen local tertiary students and recent graduates. They work closely with the M+ team and creative practitioners from various disciplines to develop, plan, and deliver public programmes.

'M+ at Night' activity Hong Kong-style Fashion Icon is designed and hosted by M+ Young Collective members.

M+ Magazine

Image at top: Alan Chan. Vinyl album cover for Leslie Cheung, Stand Up, 1985. M+, Hong Kong. Gift of Alan Chan, 2020. © Capital Artists Ltd; Tina Liu. Vinyl album cover for Deanie Ip, I Want, 1985. © Black & White Records Ltd; Alan Chan. Vinyl album cover for Anita Mui, Bad Girl, 1985. M+, Hong Kong. © Capital Artists Ltd; Joel Chu. Vinyl album cover for George Lam, 10 Minutes, 12 Inches, 1985. M+, Hong Kong. © Warner Music Hong Kong Ltd.