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M+ School Programmes

The School Programmes of the 2023/24 School Year will be held between 3 October 2023 and 12 July 2024. We welcome participation by all kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools.

Our School Programmes

Our School Programmes are the results of cross-disciplinary collaboration between M+ learning curators, educators and school teachers. The teachers and students of different schools may choose amongst a diverse array of resources available at M+ that suit their needs. Work with us as a long-term partner and integrate visual culture into traditional learning.
A hand extends from the viewer's right, holding a transparent card in the foreground. Hovering above a cardboard section at the bottom, the card depicts a drawing of two ringed black circles, which touch each other and resemble eyes that are crossed. In the out-of-focus background, three children sit facing the viewer on the floor.

Kindergarten Programmes

Our Kindergarten Programmes provide young pupils with playful in-gallery learning experiences that combine interactive activities and observation tools in exploring the M+ building and the M+ Collections.


Primary School Programmes

We provide regular programmes for primary school students, including M+ Collections Thematic Tours and Related Workshops. We also offer All-around Creative Learning Experiences that involve the participation by a whole grade of students. M+ Educators will engage the students with creative teaching approaches to nurture a lifelong appreciation for museums, visual culture and learning.

Rear view of a student in a white and green jacket standing on the viewer's left. The student uses a smartphone to take a photograph of a mixed media sculpture. Suspended in mid-air off-centre, the sculpture consists of an assemblage of materials, including stainless steel pieces, and features an elongated section angled towards the upper right area. The sculpture casts a shadow on the wall behind and hovers above a honeycomb pattern of grey tiles on the floor.

Secondary School Programmes

Our Secondary School Programmes emphasise the nurturing of the students’ ability to understand and interpret visual culture, thereby raising their confidence in forging relationships with the world. Regular programmes include M+ Collections Thematic Tours and Related Workshops, M+ Special Exhibition Programmes, and Introduction to M+ Collections Exhibitions and Visual Culture, which is suitable for large group participation by students. The Artist-led Programmes are also available for student participation in designated months.


Teacher Programmes

Our Teacher Programmes provide an opportunity for cultural learning for the teachers of primary and secondary schools, featuring a wide selection of activities for professional development. Participants will join museum curators, educators, artists and designers in exploring the creative dimensions of visual culture. Together they uncover the crossings between traditional school education, museum learning, artistic creation and design.


M+ Teacher Roundtable

The M+ Roundtable is formed by teachers from local schools. Members of the Roundtable meet with M+ curators and create educational programmes with the aim of facilitating exchange between schools and the museum. Together they build the nexus between teaching and learning.


Tertiary Group Tour

Explore the M+ Collection to know more about twentieth- and twenty-first-century visual culture.