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Groups and Tours

Get close to M+ and its incredible collections with our wide range of tours.

Pop-up Chats

Join our short Pop-up Chats led by M+ Guides to learn about objects in the M+ galleries that speak to them.

No prior registration is required. Look out for signs in the galleries to find out when and where the chats are happening or reach out to M+ staff at the Ground Floor Information Desk.

Public Tours

Ticket holders can join a free forty-five-minute tour to learn more about the museum.

Led by M+ Guides, our public tours are designed based on our guides' area of interest and research. Through conversations, anecdotes, and fun facts, you will onboard a journey that highlights our exhibitions, collections, and building features.

Public tours—held either in Cantonese, English, or Mandarin—take place daily at 11:30 and 15:30, and also at 19:30 on Fridays. The theme and topic of each tour may vary, while schedule and availability may subject to change. Find out more and register for the tour at the Ground Floor Information Desk.

Participants must hold valid General Admission or Special Exhibition tickets to join the tours. Children, except for infants, must reserve a spot and those under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Self-guided Tours

Explore collection highlights at your own pace through the eyes of curators, artists, makers, and surprising voices that offer fresh ways to see the works on display from the M+ Collection. Access the guide from your mobile phone at Available in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, the audio guide is free of charge. For full details, visit the Ground Floor Information Desk.

M+ has a range of fun activities for families who want to explore and learn about the world of visual culture together. Take a look at what's on at M+ and plan your visit

Enrich your museum visit with our self-guided activities, which will inspire you to see things in a different light. The activities are designed for both individuals and groups, including families with young children.

Ten Ways of Seeing M+

School Visits

Students of all ages will get to know M+ through a range of thematic and interactive tours of our collections. Get creative in our artist and maker-led studio programmes or dive into the world of cinema.

Our programmes are led by museum educators and will introduce your students to the world of visual culture. Museum tours are free of charge.

➔ Learn about our School Programmes

*M+ is able to arrange bulk purchase of tickets to the Special Exhibition Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now for large school groups. Teachers who wish to visit the special exhibition with their students in a self-guided format are encouraged to submit an application for this arrangement. For details, please refer to the guidelines on the application form. Applications shall be submitted at least ten working days in advance.

Bulk Purchase Application Form

Group Visits

Group visits at M+ are currently limited to the approved groups of Local Tour Programme from Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and the groups organised by Licensed Travel Agents with approved conditional exemption to organise local group tours from the Travel Industry Council (TIC).

M+’s decision on accepting or rejecting any application is final. M+ may review the group visit guidelines subject to museum operations.

Tour groups who have not registered will not be allowed entry to the museum.

Private Tours

Reserve a forty-five-minute paid, private tour with an M+ Educator, who will introduce you to the architectural highlights of the M+ building and key works on view in the galleries. This guided visit encourages participants to make connections with the collection and form a better understanding of visual culture.

Private tours are subject to change without prior notice. M+ reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

Visits for Social Service Organisations

Museums are some of the most significant social resources contributing to social care and support. Led by museum educators, these programmes will provide interactive experiences for service targets regardless of their socioeconomic statuses.

Learn about our programmes

Accessible Visits

M+ believes that visual culture is for everyone. Join our free accessible tours and workshops designed for special schools and registered charitable or non-profit organisations related to rehabilitation services or persons with disabilities.

Explore our Access Tours and Workshops

Learn more about accessibility at M+